Our Programs

Chestrad Global, along with its network members and country partners, hosts a variety of networking and shared learning platforms, including the African Council for Sustainable Health Development (ACOSHED) and the Global Health South Alliance (GHC)


I Will Give Africa

A multi-stakeholder platform to disrupt traditional norms of development financing in Africa, shifting paradigms towards blended financing with emphasis on community giving, philanthropy, and social impact investments

A social impact programme that responds to the impact of COVID19 on chronic gender inequality and social justice through impact investments in global public goods (health, early learning, nutrition and financial services) towards human capital development
An initiative that promotes community collectives and citizen’s led action against the SARS-Cov-2 virus. ComCOVID empowers citizen’s led platforms to improve access to test and treatment interventions, isolation, and treatment through integration of COVID19 supplies into PHC commodities supply chain management.

It highlights the responsibility of leadership to collective
well being and support the adage “Health is Wealth”.
Healthy lives and well-being central to the achievement of all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Investment in the primary health care approach builds
secure, accountable and sustainable health care systems.
Secure health systems are required to achieve Universal Health Coverage and the health SDGs

African Health and COVID19 Infodemic Management Collaborative, which seeks to promote vaccine equity through the management of myths and facts about the COVID19. The collaborative seeks to support adherence to COVID19 risk reduction guidance and reduce vaccine rejection through infodemic management and support of the global campaign on health and vaccine equity
The Lucas Academy
A legacy organization established in memory of Prof. Adetokunbo Lucas. The principal goal of the Lucas Academy is to establish a credible career pathway for the community and mid-level health workforce, improving the quality of training as well as promoting their integration into health workforce training towards the development of a fit for purpose African health workforce of the 21st century.